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Farm Up 1.0

It's a simple and colorful farming-themed time and resource management game
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Games with a farming theme have become quite popular lately, especially on portable devices like smartphones. They're colorful, they come with a simple central theme that anyone understands, and maybe they also fulfill people's desire to remember the serenity of their ancestral roots. Farm Up is such a farming-themed game in which you play as Jennifer, an ambitious young lady who has just bought a small farm. The target is to get this small farm to being one of the largest and most effective farms in the USA, a true entrepreneurial miracle. It's a simple time and resource management game available not only as a PC download, but also for Mac, iOS and Android devices, Amazon social, or as an online version.

Playing is not particularly challenging; it's a typical time and resource management game that even casual gamers or completely novice players can handle. The graphics are colorful, cartoon-ish and cute. There's nothing realistic or sophisticated about the visuals and that's good, in my opinion, considering the game's main target.

Anyway, it doesn't offer any original feature or remarkable advantage that would truly draw my interest. It might be a good, entertaining choice for casual players interested in this kind of games, but other than that, I find it difficult to see why would anyone else choose to pay for the full version of this game, when the market is supersaturated with alternatives, and many of them are free, cheaper, or simply put, more attractive.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple-to-play
  • Colorful, cartoonish visuals
  • Not expensive


  • Lacks originality or any truly remarkable features
  • Lacks being challenging
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